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Friday, March 30, 2012


This is a good tutorial for you guys to avoid the same mistake just like I do. Don't waste your time.
"You can just change you rank with just one click and your rank change." What a lovely quote. Imagine, how much time you can save and of course your money too. :)

"Rank Changer" is not available right now. Please don't ask me because I don't know  the present of it. It just an illustrate from me for you guys that are still hardly play this game. Just another edited picture to you guys.

This is the true story. Why people waste their precious time? That's why people play hack. It make me happy. And of course, after using "Rank Changer" hack tool, you ID will be ban permanently. =)

Just share with you guys my idea. Please like and share.


Latest Rank Until Level 120 [ March Update][High Definition Picture]

Here is the latest ranking for March update. This picture is in High Definition, without compress and in large size suitable for wallpaper. You can make it as as your wallpaper because this picture is smart. =) 
Save this picture
1. Click at the picture
2. Then the picture will pop-up
3. Save the picture with right click into your desktop

In the picture, I would like to mention to you all about time. Time is so precious, cannot buy with you gold. :P Once the time had pass, it would not return back to you. Once the opportunity pass, it will return back to you but not the same one. 

I also stress you guys about time you waste in playing the game. I hope you play the game without destroy your studies. Right now, many student take serious their character in playing this game. They spent a lot of money in cyber-cafe. They spent a lot of money in top-up MOL point. Buying gold for their ID. If you saving your money from early age, you will realise the important of saving for future. 

I do hope you people take care of your healthy. Your character does not need food, but you do. Don't be so hard playing this game. Don't be scammer. Gambate!!!.. 

p/s:  How long you play this game? How much money have you waste?


Black Screen is totally make us angry. It waste our time and spoil our mood. Why this happen to us? How much time do you people waste? CIB please solve the problem. 

I hate warfare 1, because hard to start the game, and also always show a black screen. Let us together ban Server 1 = Warfare 1. Enter Server 1 (Malaysia) then enter Warfare 2 :)

GM also like to play at Warfare 2, maybe because he feel the same like us do. I do hope someday, CIB will solve the problem.

Share this with your friends :) I don't boycott the game.. hehe 

Click the image to zoom and save the image. Use wisely :)


Here is the best fool.. Every time I try to login, the game server is always busy. Pick up my ID. I want to play MAT. Tag at your friend face to see their face right now. =)

How long do CIB want to do the maintenance? It waste my time. I will lost my weapon.. What a loser..Argh...I am the troll right now.. 


Grab a free gift by quickly enter the code posted by FB: MAT:DoomsdayGame,

The latest free gift is Golden Bird (Assault Riffle), Gold Plate M4, Gold Dragon Blade and .... Until now there are 15 times post of codes whereas each post contain 5 serials number and password to redeem the free gift. There are 3 times of batch of MATIC codes . There are post on 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 March 2012. Just keep in touch with the Doomsday facebook and grab the code. When will the code appear again? Hoho.. keep in touch with the news. =P

The post is like this. Take the serial number and password and submit to :

Then login to you account and accept the gift. Easy as ABC. 

Just info for you all to keep alert and take the opportunities while you can.


NEW BOSS ON DOOMSDAY. The boss is surrounded by flame and hit the player with a fist to kill the player. The real doomsday is a simple picture from me about the nightmare of doomsday. It's dark and hot. Hard to imagine the scene actually, but this picture is just a game called "Mission Against Terror" alias "MAT". It does not relate to any religion or any person that still alive or not.

The scene are totally in the dark. The radar is in light. In real life, there is no radar that lighting your life and show everything that you want to see or not. Get wise to use the radar by your own. :P

Thanks for the big compliment and inquiries. I'm not good enough in editing picture yet. I used Adobe Photoshop to edit the picture. Just some touch up to make the gamers feel cool about the game. Let play the game and enjoying the life.

Feel free to share the picture to your friends.


What happen when snow war versus BOT? Here is the illustrate picture by me if the CIB update the game. The monster is pretty awesome to play with snow war. It's must be pretty hard to attack the bot by snow ball. Furthermore, the monster was equipped with armor +50. Therefore, human must attack that monster for 10 times hit in order to kill the monster.

Feel free to share the picture with your friends. As I mention before, this picture is illustrated by me. Please subscribe this site to get the latest update from me.


Here is the interface that I had edited for MAT's gamers. I do hope that there is the new thing in the game. If the ghost is really scary like this, it make this game more interesting to play with our friend. I do hope that CIB MAT will update the real MAP so that we all can throw away our boredom.

Game: Ghost Mode
Game Map: Ghost House
Weapon: No Limitation

Fell free to share with your friends in Facebook.


Here is the list of weapon that are permanent for gamers that are available for you all. The are some gamers that not even realise that the permanent weapon and item are available in this game. Sharing is caring.

Ghost Mode Guide 
The are many people that are still playing the ghost mode using a blue shirt whereas when they are moving, they are totally expose their camouflage as ghost. If you wear black shirt, human hard to detect you location.


Magic Color Egg Full Pax
The Magic Color Egg Full Pax? How people do it? And the lovely thing do do is open the eggs. Just like gamble. Gamble your luck with your little mouse to click the button.

Play hard to collect the magic egg.
Tips: Free kill still available :)


The fast way: You can change your account password without need to submit any formal form such as Inquiry Form that require many personal thing need to fill. Password is confidential thing for player.

Here is step for player to change the password in MAT.

If your MAT account register was done through CIBMALL, please follow the steps below to change password.

First Step
You must login at cibmall site: 

Step 2
Go to 'Game Account Management' .

Step 3
Then, on MAT box, select Password Modification

Step 4
Then, fill in the detail, recall what you fill when first time you register your account.

Settle. Now you old password is changed. You can access to you account using new password. Don't share with others. 
Express Register mode: If you register in this type, you need to proceed with these steps.
Step 1
After login, go to "Games account" then "Game Account Management'..

Step 2
In MAT box, select Existing Account Register, because there is no Password Modification in this mode, that why you need to follow these step. 

Step 3
Insert your game account, password and verification code.

Step 4
This message will pop up, show that u are successfully bind back your account to your account.

Then proceed to Change Password
Step 1
Go "Create New Account'.>> fill the form.

Step 2
After that, you can change you account password. Go to "Password Modification"

Step 3
The box will show up, just select the account you want to change the password, then fill the form.

Settle. Now you old password is change, please login with new password. Good Luck.

Sources: My Original Page


Player Inquiry Form (PIF)

Here is the tutorial to change MAT password and other game related to CIB game. Due to increases of stolen password by friend. "Never trust trusted friend"

Here is the list of reason to sent email to CIB using Player’s Inquiry Form:
  1. Enquiry about CiBmall Account
  2. Enquiry about CiBmall Game Account
  3. Change CiBmall Password
  4. Change CiBmall Second Password
  5. Change CiBmall Game Password
  6. Apply to Freeze/Unfreeze the CiBmall Account and Game Account
  7. Report of Stolen Account

Here is the step to change the password.

1.Download PIF document 

2.Fill the document with complete data + IC Photocopy (Front and Back) or scan your IC with scanner.
3.Then send the PIF document to using your own email.
4.Check your E-mail after 2 days or more for the reply.
5. Then they will asked your something related your account.
6. The process takes times within 7-14 working days. 
So hard right? or So easy?

Sources: My Original Page